Update Nov 2018: Additional information added about accelerators in Malaysia.

Update June 2018: More Accelerators are already extra under!

Update Nov 2017: We are very pleased to announce that NEXEA Accelerator has become functioning in collaboration with Sunway iLabs to combine our strengths and gives Startups with the most effective Accelerator encounter in the region. Do check out our Startup Accelerator in Malaysia.

Set of Top Startup Accelerator in Malaysia

This is actually the listing of very best accelerators in Malaysia (in no selected purchase). They may be largely startups accelerators in Kuala Lumpur. One of those is within Johor. Note that not all of the accelerators are suitable for every Startup. Choosing the right accelerator will depend on what your Startup does not have. Possibly the corporate and business accelerators can be much better should the weakness within your start up or founding staff would be the access to the sector or marketplace. The non-public accelerators with smaller sized batches will likely be greater should you be looking for strong mentors that commit more hours to assisting your crew. Maybe the bigger batch accelerators are suitable.

Accelerators are necessary for Startups on their early on phases. Typically, accelerators add value to the corporation by validation of concepts, validation or sector, or validation of expansion. Aside from that, some accelerators will also be able to add more benefit by using communities, mentoring, backing, and also through embraced services like Search engine marketing, Finance and Promotion or HR.

Based upon the needs you have, you ought to select an Accelerator that ideal suits you. When you depend on large B2B customers, this might be for purposes of network. Decide on the models with solid advisors if you want mentoring. Also, monitor files of Accelerators make a difference. Don’t just check out the number of businesses. Look at the excellent of providers, as well as how most people are nonetheless full of life and rising.

For other Startup Funding (Malaysia And ASEAN) possibilities, seem under for Startup funds alternatives.

Government Startup Accelerators in Malaysia

Selangor Accelerator Programme by SITEC

From the group that helped bring you StartupQuest Selangor (SQSel), the Selangor Accelerator Programme (SAP) is really an rigorous 4-four weeks plan. They consist of Lessons, rewards and mentoring foreign excursions, and to be able to gain RM100k.

MaGIC Startup Accelerator

The Magic Startup Accelerator is a huge-level accelerator (50-100 for each set) put together through the Malaysian Government. They work mainly according to a classroom unit. This software is 4 several weeks. Rm1000/month allowance. RM30k in 15 many days. Mentors are mainly other start-up creators. They mostly recognize startups with some sort of early point grip – particularly income traction.

RAVE Accelerator by MyNEF

The accelerator is another authorities effort, with RAVE becoming a subsidiary of MyNEF. They manage a 3-month program presenting RM20k to champions just for x% fairness.

Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator

The accelerator is another governing administration motivation, with multiple associates working this system (used to be function by Watchtower, 1337, and so on). Thus, the mentorship is supplied by differing people every year or as soon as the companies transform. The site says they will offer Useful Services Up to RM50k.

ASEAN Data Startup Accelerator

The accelerator is the one other federal government initiative, run by MDEC and ODI. Thus, people functioning the Accelerator are from ODI and they also do coaching, gatherings, networking and modify go well with the software program to Malaysia Startups. The internet site is not going to state exactly what the deliver is.

Private Startup Accelerators in Malaysia

NEXEA Accelerator

The NEXEA Accelerator Program is focussed on worth formation through our 3 Value Creation Engines. We provide genuine mentoring through thriving entrepreneurs/business people that have started and even available their businesses. They get enormous importance thru their many years of business practical experience, confirmed organization understanding, and local (Southeast Asia) organization circle. There exists a staff of Startup consultants that specialise in early lifecycle of Startups, and also a devoted Tech crew (recommended) to deal with the MVP or IT progression.

This program has no application form deadline (jog month in month out), in fact it is a 6-month demanding mentorship process focussed on attracting robust traction improvement. We have a notable stock portfolio of Startups that proves our Startup Validation strategy works. The program offers RM50k, strong mentorship, Amazon AWS Activate And Microsoft Bizspark added benefits really worth through RM400k for 8% Equity. We usually followup with our assets for up to RM500k after the system stops by our Startup Fund by leading Angel Investors who purchase Southeast Asian Startups. We can easily also make comfortable introductions to the lover Venture Capital firms in the region for more financing.

The Hangout Startup Accelerator in Johor

The hangout is situated in Johor. Key info unavailable of their website or another sources. Do make contact with them to understand.

Cyberlab/FinNext Startup Accelerator in Cyberjaya

CLLA (Cyber Lab Living Accelerator) is jog by FinNext, those behind the Fintech association in Malaysia. Resources value RM50k (not in cash) in five months.

MAD Incubator

Idea Stage Startups can use. Nothing else critical Details on their site.

SuperCharger Accelerator

The Supercharger Accelerator is from Hong Kong, focussed on Fintech and providing Advisors, Activities, Work enviroment, Promotion, Workshops and Purchasers to Startups.

Khazanah Neo Accelerator

Khazanah has obtained 3 accelerators named 1337 Ventures, Code Ar.my watching Pals and Tower to develop Khazanah Neo. The software program is three months extended, delivering RM20k for 2Percent to the chosen clubs only. Update: We transferred this to under “Private Accelerators” from “Government Accelerators” even though Khazanah Neo is below the Malaysian Government and it is not actually an accelerator by itself. The three secretly-owned accelerators here are contracted by Khazanah Neo to work this plans, and Startup Accelerator in Malaysia we all do concur it belongs listed here.

1337 Accelerator

1337 Startup Accelerator is operate by 1337 Ventures. RM10k for xPercent of Equity is given to Startups. Mentors include the 1337 Founders.


Codear.my is usually a community accelerator run by 2 founders. They offer RM20k for a couple ofPercent in a 3-month longer system.

Watch Tower & Friends Accelerator

Watchtower is often a exclusive accelerator run via the people who own PitchIn. RM50k for 8Percent in 4 weeks. Idea level startups can put. The mentors are creators of Watchtower. Update: They’ve started in Oct 2014 and still have operate their initial batch because Jan 2015.

Corporate Startup Accelerators in Malaysia

Sunway iLabs Incubator & Accelerator

Sunway iLabs is a brand new Incubator + Accelerator found at Bandar Sunway. This can be a system ready to accept anyone. They operate a 24-7 days system withmentorship and RM50k, usage of Sunway Group firms (12 verticals), and RM150k of Google Cloud credits to acquire 8Percent. The advisors are typically from Sunway.

Tunelabs Startup Accelerator

100 Startup Accelerators Around the World | Crunchbase

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Aug 8, 2019 –

The accelerator is jog by Tune Labs (AirAsia has widespread owners). The advisors are typically Tunelabs staff. Minimum MVP Stage Startups. Nothing else important specifics of their internet site.

Hong Leong Bank Startup Accelerator

HLB Launchpad Startup Accelerator is function by Hong Leong Bank. RM25k in 12 many days. Their mentors are mainly Hong Leong personnel.

DiGi Startup Accelerator in Bangkok (Recruitment in Malaysia)

Digi Startup Accelerator is manage by Telenor party (mother corporation) – which is the reason the particular method is within Bangkok. Undisclosed information (its not all in cash) for five-ten percent fairness. Mentors are typically Digi staff members.

Accelerator Reviews in Malaysia

To keep entirely simple and obvious, perform inspire accelerator members to review their accelerators on the comments under. Help your other entrepreneurial creators find the right matching accelerators. These start-up accelerator evaluations will greatly help the new and future Malaysia startups.

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